Welp..It’s taken me a good six months to even begin to figure things out.

I’ve gone from deer-in-the-headlights to, ‘OK, so THAT’S how it works,’ to, I hate that I only have a year left. 

In the Utah Salt Lake City Headquarters Mission Prison Ministry, we answer letters from inmates incarcerated all over the US. These letters are sometimes emotionally hard to read. Also, inmates call our office requesting materials or information. Talking to them keeps me centered on why I’m here, and what I can do to help.

Also.. I don’t think I realized ahead of this how much other missionaries would mean to me. It’s something to do with shared experience, desire to serve, and focus. I adore these people.

A few of our core ‘prison folk’

Winter brought my daughter to visit for Christmas, and more time with our amazing Salt Lake City family.

Below is something I wrote for our mission newletter. We are encouraged to submit experiences on how we ‘Hear Him.’ How do we hear the Voice of the Lord in our lives? This was my own experience, but it’s only one of the many miracles we see all the time. It’s called “Look Again.”

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