Dear Gods Of Baseball…

If it’s not too much to ask, can you please provide teams I care about for the next World Series?  And if one of the teams has the words “New York” in the name, can it please be the Mets?

The only reason I rooted for the Phillies this year is because they weren’t the Yankees.

Baseball gods, people get silly about the Yankees.  Fans strut, pound their chests and give the rest of us the finger.  I have nothing against Yankee players, except maybe Derek Jeter and his claim that the fifth World Series win was the most special of all. But c’mon. Really? The “we’re all that” attitude is wearing a little thin. Especially when in recent years, the Yankees clearly haven’t been.

I don’t like not liking the Yankees. I wish I did. But I really don’t. In my estimation, there have been maybe three good things about them, all of which are no longer relevant:

1. Joe Torre (a Dodgers/Yankees series I would’ve watched)

2. Tino Martinez in pinstripes

3. George Costanza as assistant to the traveling secretary

It’s hard to overlook Johnny Damon defecting to the dark side after Boston’s triumphant season, and Alex Rodriguez morphing into someone that old school Mariner fans don’t recognize anymore.

So, baseball gods..  how about a surprising match up for next year?  Not just the Yankees and (insert team name here).  It’s fun to watch good baseball, but there are other great teams. Can we please watch them play in the World Series, too?

Lou Piniella once said that any given team could beat any other given team on any day. I understand that bringing the best together is what the World Series is. I just don’t believe that they are the only good players in baseball.. or even the very best ever.

So, how about next year, gods of baseball, you shine down on someone besides the Yankees.

Alot of us would really appreciate it..

Oh, and while you’re at it.. if you have a minute, could you please see to it that Mariano Rivera breaks a finger or something?

Yours truly,

Friend of baseball, but not the New York Yankees


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