Monday Gravy

I’ve been told the right brain never sleeps.  After all the facts and figuring of the day, the left brain says nighty-night, shuts down, and leaves the right half to ponder and muse.  This, supposedly, is the reason that often when we wake, we have ideas that didn’t occur to us the night before–the playful, more liberated brain has had time to ruminate over an answer.

If that’s the case, Saturday morning should have produced rocket science at our house.  The boy slept (off and on) for close to 20 hours.. and I put down a solid 12.  Yum.

But.. no illumination, really.. just a relaxed mom and her boy who spent the day getting haircuts, leisurely cleaning rooms and watching Iron Man. So much for the hurry-up-and-get-things-done mentality.

But maybe that’s all that really mattered that day.  It was rainy–a condition conducive to slothfulness.  Although, we weren’t actually lazy.. just mellow.  Is there a difference?  I hope so.

I know people who weigh their worth in how busy they make themselves.  The lists of to-dos are endless.. they are always on the phone.. they’re always running late.. and there’s never enough time.  I used to play that game, too.  Soon, you start to believe you’re indispensable.. and when illness, true emergency, or something else slaps your face, reminding you you’re not, that’s when the light begins to dawn.  The right brain tells you there’s another way to live..  maybe even a more satisfying way.  You remember how to play.

What’s really important will get done–eventually.

Meanwhile, I’ll turn off the phone, sleep in late and eat bacon once in awhile.  Maybe next Saturday morning I’ll do all three.


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