Why The Simpsons Are Not A Dysfunctional Family

The media loves to call them “the family that puts the fun back in dysfunctional. ” I say the Simpsons were never ill-functioning in the first place.

Having said that.. I realize there are those who may disagree with this statement, and I understand why.

True: Homer got busted for drunk driving and then framed Marge for his crime.

True: Maggie called the police on her family after a heated session of Monopoly in which Bart began the fracas by using Legos for hotels.

True: Marge pumped up on steroids, putting her family in emotional and physical peril.

True: Homer and Marge have both almost strayed from the marriage.

True: Lisa and Bart became bitter rivals on opposing hockey teams.

True: Bart stole a video game from the Try N Save.

True: The family left Grandpa at a gas station during a family vacation–on purpose.

True: Patty and Selma are frightening.

The list of their foibles is a long and scary one.

But what’s also true.. and in my estimation trumps all of this.. is that they are a family who sticks together.. and that in their own often twisted way, love each other and like things the way they are. Case in point: The Shari Bobbins episode.

I also understand they are cartoons–which, by definition,  makes them just a bunch of drawings.  And my opinion, while passionate, is really a moot point, isn’t it?

I believe The Simpsons ‘jumped the shark’ long ago.. but I think they are still entertaining and smart.  I’ll see “The Simpsons Movie” because I love the show.  However, I worry a little.  I remember when every episode was great–every week.

It may be too much to ask for the movie to capture that old, classic Simpsons flare. You know what I mean. Like.. the episode when Homer goes to college,  the one where former President Bush moves in across the street,  and the time Homer became an astronaut.  And don’t forget the Frank Grimes debacle.  I watch one of those episodes now and remember why I started watching The Simpsons in the first place.  Stunningly hilarious.

The truth is, the show still makes me laugh.. and though the series may not be as high-functioning as it once was, the family itself seems to be getting along just fine, thank you very much.  Based on almost 20 years of observation.. I think they always will.

Done, and done.