Gravy Loves Cake

When I was 16, my mother introduced me to homemade German chocolate cake. My life and my hips have never been the same.

It’s fair to say that I’ve entertained more fantasies about this particular cake than I have about George Clooney, Colin Firth and Jeremy Northam combined. This is a sad commentary on my life–but it’s true.

I am now in the throes of finishing up the final bites of a German chocolate cake I made last Saturday and I am reminded that this cake, this particular cake, has it all.

I like a cake that’s earthy, not light. There has to be a lot of frosting. The traditional German chocolate frosting is loaded with nuts and coconut–two foods of the gods. And there has to be a lot of it. This recipe makes a huge cake which serves roughly 72 people. No, that’s wrong. But it serves a lot.

I usually double the amount of frosting I use for this cake. One reason for this is that I want a lot of it under the inside layers. The cake, when I slice it, must show at least one inch of frosting.. maybe more. This sounds gross and indulgent. I will not dispute that.

This cake approaches what writer Geneen Roth calls “bliss in matter.” She was referring to chocolate.. but it’s close to the same thing. In this case, it’s about the mix of German chocolate, coconut and nuts. It’s about the way the ingredients all come together and meld into each other. It’s about the rough, outer unfrosted edges of the cake and the gooey, sweet innards. But mostly, it’s about the experience of eating it.. the tall glass of cold milk.. the fork poised in mid air.. being hungry enough to eat a whole generous slice (there’s no whining about how..’i can’t eat another bite’).. and no regrets.

Forget about calories and fat.. eat the cake.. eat the cake.. eat the cake.


2 thoughts on “Gravy Loves Cake

  1. I can attest that every word is true. Our mother could bake a fine German Chocolate Cake but so can Sue Ann. I am reminded of one of the many times our mother was not speaking to me. (who knows what I did that time) I came home for a visit, mother had NOT baked a German Chocolate cake in honor of my visit, but my teenaged baby sister had one ready and waiting for me. It was more than extra good, I love you Sue Ann. MFT

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